Play mobile games
on your PC!

Enjoy your favorite mobile games on PC with HANGAME mix.
No matter which device you play on, all game data is saved.

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Play your favorite mobile game
on your PC!

Run even the most intense mobile games on big monitors with your PC!
No need to worry about data usage, download size, or battery!
iOS? Android? All HANGAME mix games are available for PC!

Your device may change,
but your data will remain.

Use the same account across platforms, Mobile and PC!
Swap to the device that suits your needs, any time.

* Certain specific games, the mobile account may not sync to PC.

Play HANGAME mix games in three simple steps!

  • Press 'Play Now' and
    install the mix launcher
  • Install your games
    in the mix launcher and game-on!
  • Use the same account as your mobile
    to continue your progress on PC!